• Derynthia Boyd

Are you ready to plunge into yoga? Again?

Maybe you have tried yoga before? maybe it was a long time ago? or maybe you have never tried yoga? I meet many people who fall into the above and particularly in the first two categories. Sometimes people who have previously practised yoga have let it lapse due to many reasons; family and/or work life becomes too busy, the yoga teacher moves away or they find another interest that occupies their time.

Whatever the reason, it is never too late to start again. Any time is the right time to start or start over but if you are older, then now is definitely the time to do it. As Linda Sparrowe, author of the best selling book Health and Yoga at Home states "all the yoga in the world will not stop us from getting older, but it can help us approach the journey with more grace, agility and assuredness. Timothy McCall, a yoga practitioner and medical doctor, adds that 'yoga is a 'gift' which benefits us both physically and psychologically, but particularly as we age. Numerous studies reveal that regular yoga practice helps us age with greater flexibility, strength, balance and grace. This is not something we would want to miss out on is it?

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